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Game Design - UX/UI - Art - Animation - Effects - PM

In my 15+ years as founder and President of Skunk Studios, I have been a Product Manager, UX/UI Designer, Game Designer, Creative Director, Art Director, 2D/3D Artist, Animator, Particle Specialist, Voice Talent, and Humorist. I’ve been involved in almost every creative and production area of game development.  I seek the opportunity to bring a veteran creative approach to a team environment. I believe my experiences would help facilitate productive, innovative, out-of-the-box product development.


A group clearing game with character

Project Management

Game Design


Art Direction


Voice Over


Need someone with experience to manage a product, facilitate creative design interaction, build interfaces, or create particle effects while bringing creativity and fun to any facet of game development? Drop me a line.


Tel: 1-415-713-8207